The Preventive Health Collaborative (“PHC”) will improve collaboration and community capacity within the preventive health system for young children and their families in the Maricopa County through completing a comprehensive assessment of health care and information resources, establishing joint partnerships to address gaps, and increasing coordination among resources within the community.

The PHC believes that by working together we can help build a healthier and more prosperous tomorrow for our children in Maricopa County. Our children are reflections of the dreams and highest aspirations we hold for the world of tomorrow. They are the reflection of our collective will to create a just and equitable world, and they are the witnesses to our successes and shortcomings.

As we aim to build a healthier tomorrow, today, we know that we must work together to transform and reimagine our communities. We understand that children’s health, preparing them for school and life is not the responsibility of one organization, it is a responsibility we all share.

Action Learning Teams

Our Action Learning Team (ALT) program matches our partners desire to engage in larger projects with effective facilitation and coordination necessary to be successful.

To learn more and submit your application, please click on the below ALT button.

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Quarterly Partner Meeting

Quarterly Partner Meeting
Thu July 14, 2016 11am (MST)

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