As we aim to build a healthier tomorrow, today, we know that we must work together to transform and reimagine our communities. We understand that children’s health and preparing them for life is a responsibility we all share.

According to the Council of Economic Advisors, “Research shows that past early learning initiatives have provided total benefits to society, including reduced crime, lower anti-poverty transfers, and educational savings, of up to $8.60 over a child’s lifetime for every $1 spent.” Children thrive when they have a healthy family, a strong community, and strong early childhood educational and preventive health systems. Whether we invest in programs to prevent disease, increase school readiness, or focus on supporting families, early childhood investment pays off in the long run.

The Preventive Health Collaborative’s Early Childhood Wellness Plan 2016-2020 provides a way to measure our success and progress as a collaborative and as a county. This plan has been developed by partners who have set targets to reach by 2020, developed a clearinghouse of promising and best practices, and launched Action Learning Teams that are focused on system-level interventions that will bring us closer to reaching our goals. The PHC believes that by working together, we can help build a healthier and more prosperous tomorrow for the children of Maricopa County.

As a partner working towards improved wellness starting in early childhood, we ask you to do three things with this plan:

  • The Early Childhood Wellness Plan Indicators provide an easy way to assess which childhood health indicators need more attention and energy. Reference these indicators as you design your projects and interventions.
  • Reference our clearinghouse of promising and best-practices as you develop programs and apply for funding. These practices have been vetted by national and local partners, and have research demonstrating their effectiveness.
  • Get more involved with the PHC by joining one of our workgroups, Action Learning Teams, and/or the PHC Steering Committee. The PHC is a collective of local leaders who have internalized the PHC’s mission and whole-heartedly fight for the future of our children.

Continue to reimagine what a healthier tomorrow can look like. Chase that vision and make it a reality with the zest and zeal that it deserves.

Thank you for your commitment, support, belief in our mission, and your leadership.