Developing the PHC Health Areas and Concerns

A fundamental tenet of the collective impact model is establishing a shared system of measurement. In 2015, PHC partners were asked to provide recommendations on where the PHC should focus its efforts. The PHC identified six health focus areas for improving the preventive health system for children and their families. Through facilitated breakout sessions in 2015, partners prioritized more than 60 health concerns and identified the top four or five health concerns per health area.

Indicator Development

In 2016, the PHC contracted with LeCroy & Milligan Associates, an evaluation and research firm, to support the PHC in developing indicators and identifying baseline data for the health areas and concern, and the PHC’s Early Childhood Wellness Plan 2016-2020. LeCroy & Milligan Associates identified and documented baseline county level indicators relevant to the six health areas and concerns, and submitted this information to the PHC Steering Committee and Leadership for review and refinement in February and March 2016.

Over 40 child health and wellness indicators are supplied in PHC’s Early Childhood Wellness Plan 2016-2020 to track progress in achieving 26 plan objectives. These indicators provide baselines from the most recent data available and targets to achieve by 2020. Measures are drawn from a variety of county-level sources, as noted. Target metrics for change were determined by PHC partners during the July 2016 quarterly meeting. Targets are informed by such considerations as the existing baseline and trends, targets of Healthy People 2020, goals that other states have proved achievable, and the desire to attain health equity.


Health Concerns

Plan Objectives

Indicator Refinement and Identification of Best Practices

The PHC leadership invited partners to attend six virtual collaboration sessions, facilitated by LeCroy & Milligan Associates in June 2016. These one-hour sessions offered partners an opportunity to provide feedback on the six health areas and concerns, indicators, and recommended best practices. In all discussions, a premium was placed on objectives that could be measured using available data sources and strategies based in best practices and evidence of effectiveness. The revised indicators, formulated through this iterative process, were forwarded to the PHC Leadership and Steering Committee members for review in July 2016.