Get Involved with the PHC!

The PHC has introduced a new membership model to make it easier for individuals to get involved in our movement and to make PHC partnership more meaningful to organizational partners. We will begin to distinguish our partners by their level of engagement.

Level I: PHC Friend
Individuals will now find it easier to join the PHC as “Friends of the PHC” by adhering to our vision and joining us through Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and signing up to our PHC Newsletter.

  • Complete a Commitment Card
  • Subscribe to the PHC’s Newsletter
  • Follow the PHC on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook

Level II: PHC Partner
“PHC Partners” will be expected to complete level I above, represent their organization, and attend PHC Meetings and Events.

  • Submit a signed Partner Agreement Form
  • Attend meetings
  • Represent their professional or personal interests
  • Can represent their organization, but is not required

Level III: PHC Systems Builder – Partner
For those PHC partners who wish to get more involved by participating in Action Learning Teams, and/or the PHC Steering Committee will be considered “PHC System Builders.”

  • Represent the PHC by wearing the PHC Systems Builder Pin
  • Become a member of the Steering Committee or ALT
  • Submit a signed Partner Agreement Form and Represent their organization

Level IV: PHC Systems Builder – Organization
Organizational Partners who agree to actively work toward improving PHC Early Childhood Wellness Plan, sharing their outcome data, and provides the collaborative with insights and lessons learned will be “PHC Organizational Partner Systems Builders.”

  • Submit a signed Partner Agreement Form
  • Agree to improve PHC Early Childhood Wellness Plan indicators
  • Delegate one point-person from their organization
  • Share Outcome Data
  • Share lessons-learned with the collaborative

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