PHC Impact

The PHC Impact

The Preventive Health Collaborative (PHC) works to improve collaboration and community capacity by completing a comprehensive assessment of health care and information resources, establishing joint partnerships to address gaps, and increasing coordination among resources within the community.

The PHC seeks to improve collaboration and community capacity within the preventive health system for young children 0-8 and their families in the First Things First South Phoenix Region by:

  • Increasing coordination among preventive health resources within the community
  • Increasing access to preventive health care and health information through linguistic and culturally appropriate parent education and outreach
  • Establishing joint partnerships to build on existing assets and address gaps

Our Theory of Change

Align: The PHC is committed to being a neutral convener of preventive health partners from the public and private sectors to identify common opportunities and challenges to meet the needs of children birth to five and their families. We help partners create a culture of collaboration, develop shared indicators of success, foster ways to share our data/ best practices and identify common ways to evaluate our programs. This helps all partners make data-driven decisions and employ the most promising practices as we strive to meet today’s greatest preventive health challenges.

Strengthen: A vital part of our mission is to strengthen the capacity of our partners to be able to provide better and more efficient services to children and their families. The PHC will provide a variety of training opportunities that will look to increase the leadership of our individual members and the capacity of our organizational partners. A central question that our partners continually face is: what can we do to better work with the communities we serve to co-create a healthier tomorrow? What skills must we sharpen to be able to bridge this gap?

Leverage: The PHC as a network has the opportunity of leveraging our collective expertise and experience by educating community members and decision makers on the importance of preventive health for expectant parents, young children, and their families. The PHC provides the platform necessary to highlight the great work that our partners are engaged in, bring awareness to the challenges that need more attention, and develop ways in which we can effectively communicate our needs and opportunities to a broader audience.

Accelerate change: Many of our partners have expressed the desire to engage in policy and systems change projects that have population-wide impact. Although these efforts have a large impact, they are very difficult to implement. Our Action Learning Team (ALT) program matches our partners desire to engage in these larger projects with effective facilitation and coordination necessary to be successful. Teams that are made up of multiple organizations, who have a policy and systems change project that aligns with the PHC’s vision, can apply to be paired with an ALT Facilitator that will help them design and implement their project.

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