Jeffrey Zetino – Preventive Health Collaborative Supervisor

Jeffrey Zetino is a firm believer in the power of collective action.

As a child of an undocumented single mother, Jeff was witness to the struggles and challenges that our distressed neighborhoods place on individuals, families and whole communities. That is why as an adolescent he made the decision to devote his career to improving communities.

Jeff’s career in community transformation has allowed him the opportunity to work with non-profits, grassroots, advocacy organizations, governments, and philanthropies.  His latest assignment saw him work with the Arizona State Department of Health (ADHS) where he joined the fight against cancer.

As the Director for the Comprehensive Cancer Control Program for ADHS Jeff, helped facilitate an expedited process to re-prioritize Arizona’s Cancer Control Plan and helped reboot the Arizona Cancer Coalition. By relying on his community organizing skills, relationship building and collective impact principles, he has helped transform the Arizona Cancer Coalition into a preeminent force in our state’s efforts to reduce the cancer burden for all Arizonans.

Jeff brings unique expertise in four core conceptual frameworks that he has practiced throughout his career: transformative relationship building, collective impact, social determinants of health, and policy, systems and environmental change.

He is excited to bring his experience and dedication to the Preventative Health Collaborative, its staff, the steering committee, and our partners as we collectively strive to create the conditions necessary for healthy children, healthy families, and healthy communities.

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