Susan Smith

Sue Smith, M.Ed, works for the Department of Child Safety as Prevention Administrator.  Susan has worked for DCS for 26 years and currently heads up the departments Office of Prevention.  While DCS’ mission is to ensure children’s safety the department began expanding prevention services early 2016 when Sue was hired.  The Office of Prevention services include primary and secondary prevention services.  Some of the  primary prevention services are the Regional Prevention Councils, Community Engagement Groups, Safe Sleep Campaign and Baby Box Program.  Secondary prevention services include the Care Portal, Building Resilient Families, Fast Pass for expediting eligibility for AHCCCS, SNAP and Child Care  and the Substance Exposed Newborn Safe Environment (SENSE) program.  Sue has a passion for going upstream to prevent child maltreatment and joined the PHC in 2016 to collaborate in providing healthy outcomes for Arizona’s children and families.